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Cartons with Windows –
Convenience for Shoppers

Windowed cartons are an economical packaging solution when you need to boost visibility yet have the cost savings of cardboard or paperboard packaging.

Unlike thermoformed plastic clamshell packaging, windowed carton packaging maximizes surface space for attention-getting graphics and persuasive copy. The windowed carton is perfect for products with peripheral parts and accessories that don’t need to be openly displayed. Windowed cartons are popular packaging for toys, dolls, electronics, giftware, tableware, personal grooming, sporting goods, and tools. They have a unique advantage over shrink wrapping and blister packaging in appearance.

Cartons with Windows

Since packaging affects the perceived value of a product, windowed boxes gives a product a size and shape that appeals to many shoppers, particularly at Christmas time. It is also the choice for larger product that will be displayed on shelf rather than hung on a peg.

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