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Ravenshoe Group Case Study: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Spin U Win Contest

Spin U Win

How a Full Service Agency Boosted Sales Dramatically in the 1st Quarter
Year After Year

The painful, prolonged recession of 2008 was seriously reducing pharma sales in Canada, yet Pfizer Consumer Health Care wasn’t willing to allow itself to shrink with the market. The division’s managers had confidence in its products and brands and instead wanted to grow sales and marketshare at the same time competitors would be cutting back. This bold move would allow the company to come out of the recession as one of the leaders in Pharma sales in Canada.

Spin U WinAs expected, increased promotion would turn out to be the right solution for maintaining sales and revenue. Pfizer is a big name in consumer health products. However, any major brand must excel since retailers expect flawless campaigns that are easy for their store staff to execute. Shoddy retail displays, copacking/distribution mistakes, and poor timing of execution at the retail level would lower the company’s reputation with distributors and retailers.

They needed a marketing firm they could rely on to do it right.

The Goal

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare wanted to increase sales and market share by developing an exciting/attention generating promotion that would stimulate retail sales, motivate the company’s sales staff, and boost sales during a traditionally sluggish 1st quarter. They wanted a trade-only campaign without costly TV or radio advertising.

The division sells its consumer products in most major Canadian retail stores including Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Costco, and Loblaw. A successful campaign could create a big impact in market share.

The Challenge

  1. Inspire customers at a time when discretionary income was plummeting and during the Q1 period when drug store sales spending tends to be lower.
  2. Design, create and print tens of thousands of promotion specific cardboard POP displays, shelf talkers, coop flyers and ship them across Canada with extremely fast turnaround.
  3. Set up and manage an online contest.
  4. Implementation: Coordinate the promotion across 4 major Pfizer brands: Advil, Centrum, Caltrate, and Advil Cold and Sinus product line.
  5. Coordinate marketing with Pfizer’s sales, marketing, IT, QA, and brand manager.

Why Ravenshoe?

Ravenshoe Group’s corporate stability, production, and extensive support services made our service promise credible. While other agencies were mired in revenue-generating models that made them unresponsive, Ravenshoe Group was willing to do whatever our client required, quickly. A reputation for delivering high quality results on-time with design, production, warehousing, copacking and a responsive distribution network meant Ravenshoe Group could do it all reliably. The added bonus would turn out to be a successful sales and brand boosting campaign.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare had many stakeholders in planning and executing product promotions and if they used separate providers for these services, there would be significant problems with integration and consistency. Ravenshoe Group’s integrated marketing services made promotion management and execution easier – thus reducing stress and time wastage for our client’s team.

Spin U Win


The Solution

The Spin U Win contest promotion was the perfect campaign to boost point of purchase visibility for the 4 brands, and create stronger customer engagement with an online contest website. It would stimulate contest participation and allow Pfizer to learn more about some of their new customers. The result would be over 150,000 sign ups (and growing), and a list of customers and email addresses so that future promotional offers could be delivered directly. The successful execution of online marketing initiatives created value above and beyond the immediate sales in retail stores.

The Promotional Hook

An “Everyone Wins” contest.

When consumers registered online, the least they could win was a $40 discount booklet for products they loved. There were no discouraging “TRY AGAIN” results. The promotion would help consumers switch brands to our client’s own.

The intense, contrasting visuals and copy leveraged the imagination of most Canadians who would love a vacation to a warm tropical destination which ranged from ocean and river cruises to luxury hotel accommodations. Additional prizes included Sony entertainment centres, Sony PS3’s, MP3 players, and much more.


  1. Successful production/copacking of tens of thousands of retail POP displays
  2. Implementation, coordination, and shipment of tens of thousands of displays on time
  3. Dramatic boost in sales in the 1st quarter
  4. Vast increase in brand visibility
Ravenshoe Group came through nicely by easing the promotional burden for our client. Along with a large sales increase in the 1st quarter, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare had a new contact channel with tens of thousands of customers by way of the Spin U Win Website. Value Added: By reaching over 150,000 customers during the period of the contest promotion, they have a new vehicle for further consumer promotions and with the additional data collected for consumer analytics and insights, the ability to better understand their consumers’ needs and wants. The company’s management and marketing staff enjoyed centralized contact for their POP initiative and knew they had a provider who could execute campaigns expertly.

New product launches are expected to perform better on the Spin U Win promotional platform. Overall, the contest generated and continues to generate added value each year with new ventures such as social media exposure.

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