Ravenshoe Packaging

Creative, Compelling Design for Display Packaging

If your in-store display designs aren’t generating the sales you expect, we’ll give you a fresh perspective. We
design display packaging for major national brands and manufacturers. The goal is to create attention-getting
displays and packaging that consumers will understand quickly.

Graphics are Powerful Communicators

Our packaging graphic design goal is to build brand visibility and get your value propositions across in ways that help shoppers decide to pick up and buy your product.


Snap Customers Out of
Their Routine with Effective POS



Cardboard Display Design

Creative cardboard engineering maximizes product volume yet leaves room for your brand logo, tagline, and product benefits. Cardboard has a warmer and tactile appearance that shoppers like and high-quality printing creates better results.

Our corrugate POP displays generate tremendous momentum towards a purchase. Inquire now about our complete cardboard display design services.



Blister Packaging Design

Blister packs and plastic clamshells are very popular consumer packaging today. Your product’s visibility is maximized giving consumers full awareness of your product’s features and benefits, thus minimizing post-purchase anxiety. Blister packaging is one of the most cost effective packaging types. Blister cards and shrink wrapped packs still provide room for persuasive graphic design and product info.

Make your product visible with blister packs , shelf displays, floor displays or counter displays and maximize your sales volume via attention-grabbing cardboard pallet displays.

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