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Attention-Getting Floor Displays

A great choice for those who must have their products stand out from the wall of product on shelf where brands lose their specialness and become commodities.

Benylin Floorstand DisplayWhether near a checkout counter or in an aisle, highly visible floor displays can give you the brand differentiation and extra sales boost you need. They may provide a distinct advantage over shelf displays, pallet displays, or counter display units.

Free standing displays capture attention and invite engagement with your product where it can be touched and communicate its benefits. In retail, it’s all about visibility, and our displays get attention and draw shoppers to them.

Cardboard Displays – Simple and Effective

Temporary cardboard displays are quick to produce in limited runs, giving you the flexibility to try different display structures and creative for different retail environments. Successful floor displays are durable, stable, eye catching, and easy to implement for retailers.

See this selection of cardboard floor displays for some ideas, and we can create any style and type of cardboard display you need.

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