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Counter Displays – Prime Brand Exposure

Consumers are attracted to well-exposed brands and products, and countertop POP displays occupy perhaps the best retail point of sale positioning.

Counter displays are most frequently used in gift shops, convenience stores, salons, and boutique stores. Their unique position close to the cash register means they can capitalize on a shopper’s impulse before they leave the store.

Breeze Counter Display

Close Enough to See

The counters near the cash register in particular are at arm and eye height and are most accessible for the shopper. For many people including seniors, the easy-to-read information on these countertop displays is key to their purchase.

We’ll take your primary product dimensions and design a counter display that showcases your product and gets your product Why to Buy proposition across. If you’re paying premium prices for these prime retail positions, then a compelling, readable counter display is essential.

Also available are standard counter displays which come in a variety of sizes and product capacities with various sizes for tiers, shelves, and risers. Add on features such as 3D or lenticular printing and attention-getting stickers increases visibility to consumers.

You’ll be getting well-designed, strong, durable, and attention-getting POP cardboard counter displays to maximize
your POP promotion success.

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