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Consumer Packaging Design

Consumer products often differ only in their packaging. Ravenshoe’s structural packaging design and graphical packaging design services differentiate and communicate your product’s brand image.

Aside from packaging type, the right visuals and persuasive copy create the best brand-boosting and sales-generating results. Attractive packaging visuals generate the emotional impulse that drives consumer purchase decisions.Your product copy will further clarify your brand positioning and answer consumer’s Why to Buy (WTB) questions.

High Visibility Packaging Improves Sales

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Your packaging will:

  • introduce consumers to the product

  • communicate value and benefits

  • differentiate from competitor’s products

  • encourage the consumer to pick up & read

Blister packaging, plastic clamshells, and shrink wrapping are very cost-effective forms of consumer packaging. Changes in retailing have made these molded packaging types more common and preferred.

Maximum Product Visibility

With blister packs, the formed plastic pocket comes with a blisterboard where graphics and product info can be printed. Clamshell cases, shrinkwrap, and blister packaging are protective and highly tamper-proof. Windowed Cartons are another primary packaging type that provides excellent product visibility and is an economical option for product manufacturers.

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