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Using Clamshell Packaging to Boost
your Product Value

Consumers do judge a book by its cover so why wouldn’t they judge your product by its packaging?

NicoDerm Clam ShellOne of the key benefits of clamshell packaging is how it adds value to a product. It adds a perception of value to the product and gives the consumer a feeling of security that the product is untouched and complete.

Plastic clamshells do more than create a secure, tamper proof, yet viewable consumer product.

They appeal to consumer’s senses and they make a product look more special and valuable. With some product cardboard packaging, the consumer has to use their own imagination to visualize how the product satisfies their needs.

With clamshells, basic visualization is solved. With your product and important accessories assembled as a nice package for them to view, your package graphics and copy can concentrate on key selling features making the purchase
decision simpler.

Few POP packaging types have been more of a boon to sales than clamshells. Benefits:

  • Formed one-piece plastic conforms well to product’s shape

  • Makes product highly visible thus reducing shopper uncertainty

  • Adds aesthetic value

  • Protects products from damage

  • Protects from theft

  • Provides versatility in display (hang on peg shelving or open display boxes)

  • Makes value packs a simple solution

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