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Blister Packaging –
Maximum Product Visibility

Blister packaging offers maximum visibility of products for retail display while protecting the product itself from tampering or damage. It’s a simple, economical packaging solution that is growing in use.

The blister package has tabbed openings for hanging on peg/hook display shelving. This makes it easy for retail store staff to load the product onto them. The type of store shelving used for displaying blister packs and clamshell packaging utilizes less precious retail space. That means your blister pack (or clamshell case) may gain greater acceptance and exposure from retailers and hopefully more sales.

Blister packaging is a
great choice for:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Toys & Electronics
  • Any Peg displayed product

State of the Art Blister Packaging Machine specs include:

  • 6 station 14”x18” jig-size machine
  • Enclosed sealer for increased safety
  • Averages 8 cycles per minute
  • Automatic card feed

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